Echo Eyes Entertainment1

Echo Eyes Entertainment has it’s roots in the secluded corner of Oregon. The business began in 2005 with the management of a local band.  During the tenure with the band, the business gained experience at promotion and marketing.  Over the next decade the business grew and gained skill, confidence and affiliations.  On January 1, 2015  Echo Eyes Touring and Management rebranded to Echo Eyes Entertainment.

The company now running Publicity for U.S. and International Rock and Metal bands, hosts websites for multiple projects, and interacts with brands around the world.

The name Echo Eyes was copied from a character on World of Warcraft.  The team had been searching for the perfect name when Emily proclaimed her recent success at WOW. Emily earned her character, a flying owl, after hours of mortal combat.  Cherie found her business name following this “brutal” warfare.








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