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SEATTLE WA – When watching Seattle’s The Adarna perform live, one is immediately given a complete idea of what their banner of “Jet City Rock” truly implies, and that this trademark sound clearly has a listening audience. Having already notched a number of accomplishments—the video for their song “Honestly” airing to an audience of 10 million households on Myx TV, five North American Tours, a world tour which included stops in the Middle East, Southwest Asia, and Africa, being asked to perform at the prestigious Saikoucon multiple times (including a third on this upcoming trek), as wells as the support of Epiphone Guitars—their upcoming Jet City Rock Tour 2016 (starting on August 5th in Seattle, WA, and finishing up September 4th at in Kennewick, WA) is going to be another opportunity for this band to show the world what Jet City Rock exactly is … which would be?

Having weathered a number of musical trends over the decades, the heart of the “Seattle Sound” has always been that of utter melodic exploration. Artists who embodied the spirit have always been able to take songwriting skills that were firmly entrenched in rock and roll, add an emotional complexity that is able to not only touch the souls of millions, but do it with a canvass that burrows its way through your head and forces you to sing along. Much like the Foo Fighters—along with other non-Seattle bands Sick Puppies, and The Cult—their talents lie within the memorable melodies and the reckless abandon “punch” found in their sound; Jet City Rock. But in all reality, this four piece comprised of lead vocalist/guitarist William Perry Moore, guitarist Andreka Jasek, bassist Oliver Spencer and drummer Murdock can’t help it … it’s in their blood. With their proximity to the Boeing plant and airport, the jet-fuel remnants hang around in the air and leave a film on wherever it lands. It’s this constant reminder that permeates every inch of being and never allows the true roots of this band to wash away.

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