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A management agreement is a long term personal, financial and legal relationship.   If you feel you are ready for the next member of your team, here are some questions you can ask yourself:

Is your business solid?  Are you registered with a performance Rights Organization?  Are your social sites up and running and are you engaging with your fans?  Are there band agreements in place between yourself and your bandmates?  Who owns your business name, logos and songs?

How does the band work together? Can you make plans and set realistic goals?  Do you communicate well with others? Can you interact with social media and the public?

Do you have a solid project?  Are your music and stage presence great?  Are your CD’s  well produced and packaged?  Does or artwork, logo and image reflect a project ready for representation?

Are you looking to expand outside your local market? Do you have tour experience?

How many units did you sell?

Who are you affiliates and are they ready to collaborate?

If not, no worries!  Request a free consultation or better yet, work with Echo Eyes staff on a specific publicity campaign.

Echo Eyes has supported Indie and label bands.  We are excited to bring hard working solo artists and bands to the company for representation.  We are ready are you?

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